you can never silence me (squirt2323) wrote in hawt_as_fuck,
you can never silence me

Am I hawt as fuck?!?!



Name: Erika AKA Penguin

Age: 15

Location: Everett, WA

Sex: female

Tell us something about you, you want us to know: uhm, I have the same sized hands as Marylin Monroe



Bands: Kittie, Pixies, Melvins, SOAD, Nirvana, One Carper Green, and Super chic(k)

Movies: Cold Mountain, Moulin Rouge, Princess Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Airplane

Books: Dangerous Girls, A Great and Terrible Beauty, Precious Amber and Girl with a pearl Earring

Hobbies: singing, writing, drawing, swimming, rock climbing and painting



Favorite thing about yourself: my little girl voice and my Elmo voice

Least Favorite thing about yourself: how I get mad easily

Why should we accept you: because I am cute and fun

Make me laugh: What goes stop, go, stop, go, stop, go, stop, go?  A blonde at a blinking red light

What's the craziest thing you have done?: uhm, gone parasailing and climbed a 60-foot wall at night without a rope


(Do you or have you?)

A tattoo?: not yet

A piercing?: I have my ears and soon to have my tongue

Smoke: occasionally, usually only when I'm stressed

Take drugs: no, except legal ones and coffee.

Drink: very rarely and never a lot


(Do you prefer?)

Boy/Girl: both

Gay/Straight: girls-either bi or gay, guys-either bi or straight

Long/Short Hair: I usually like long hair on girls and medium hair on guys

Short/Tall: girls shorter than me and guys taller than me

Blond/Red/Brown/Black/Multi Color hair: blond, but only with different colors in it, red, black and multi-color

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