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Age: 15
Location: northern jerseyyyy
Sex: chick
Tell us something about you, you want us to know: i'm going into my sophomore year, and this is my second year being on the varsity field hockey team. score.

say anything, brand new, sublime, the honorary title, the juliana theory, copperpot, and alkaline trio.
Movies: say anything, a clockwork orange, slc punk, requiem for a dream.
Books: harley, like a person; angel falls; blood country
Hobbies: field hockey is all i pretty much ever do... does listening to music count? and i like to write.
Food: macaroni and cheese!

Favorite thing about yourself:
Least Favorite thing about yourself: i'll let someone into my heart... and then get scared and pull back and shut them out. ruined quite a lot of relationships that way, heh. >_<.
Why should we accept you: because i'm just too cool. ;D.
Make me laugh: so, there's 2 muffins in an oven baking. one turns to the other and says "boy, it sure is hot in here!" and the other one goes "HOLY SHiT A TALKiNG MUFFiN!!!" =P
What's the craziest thing you have done?: snuck out with like three of my friends at like 2AM and we killed a bottle of wine and just chilled in a field near my house. [ok so it's not that crazy but i couldn't think of anything else.]

(Do you or have you?)
A tattoo?:
A piercing?: i have my ears and i want my right eyebrow and left side of my lower lip.
Smoke: quit, yay!
Take drugs: only prescribed and when i'm sick. ;D.
Drink: i've been known to on occasion... but i don't overdo it.

What is your all time favorite band:
say anything, to the max!
Advertise for us in one community and one journal post link here: 1 2
What did you think about this application?: it rocked hard.
Who told you about this community?: my dawg tylerrr (xwhtitistocryx) [wow i'm so white. never again, i promise. =)].

(And at least 5 clear pictures)

[the last 2 are the most recent pictures. short hair...]

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+field hockey...i don't play, but it IS intense
+your bands
+requiem for a dream
-the muffin joke
-your eyes look almost scary O_O
-red eye in your pictures ... i think i'm the only person ever bothered by that

eh, i'm undecided
gasp... the muffin joke is awesome, but, ok. how about this...

so there's this brunette and she's jumping back and forth on some train tracks saying, "22, 22, 22..." over and over again. a blonde sees her doing this and is all like, "what the hell...?" so she goes over to the brunette and says, "what are you doing??" but the brunette doesn't answer, instead she keeps on with her "22, 22, 22..." the blonde is intrigued, so she decides to join in. after a few minutes, the brunette sees a train coming, so she jumps off right before it gets to her... the blonde didn't see it so she got hit. the brunette jumps back on the tracks and starts saying, "23, 23, 23..."
hehe. =P.

that's why i love my eyes ;D

sorry, my camera is kinda low quality, i fixed as much of the red eye as i could.




+requiem for a dream
-ghetto slang.

damn gurl. yos wacked.
don't worry, i never actually talk like that. bad camera =\
wow your eyes are such a crazy blue
+your ambroso (<-spanish figure it out) eyes
+++cause your friends with tyler and he's the shit.
----your movies ughh.

hmmmm sure.

my movies are being more and more well liked by way too many people, and it's actually starting to anger me. at least one person in this world has learned to have their own opinions without following the sheep.
hells yes.

I hate it when people copy each other its like
man get yer own damn style.